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What to look out for when buying a carousel

February 7th, 2016

When buying a multi colour carousel, there are a number of important factors to look out for when making your selection.  There are many cheaper budget carousels being sold that can mislead into believing they will all do the same job and produce the right results, but this is not true!  You will end up frustrated and possibly even giving up, however if you select the right carousel from the beginning you can avoid potential ‘pot holes’ in the process of screen printing!

Important factor no.1:

Look out for some micro registration on each of the print heads.  This is important for registering multi colour prints and a must when buying a 2,3,4,6 colour carousel.  To achieve accuracy with every print every time, the registration must be spot on and to do this, each head needs some manual adjusters so you can register each head individually.  If the heads do not have these adjusters then you have no way of aligning each head accurately.

I will be adding some photos shortly of examples of what to look out for.

Choosing the right carousel