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Next Generation Waterbased Ink

February 7th, 2016

The Ultimate next generation water based ink range with added benefits when deciding between ink ranges.  Try it you will love it!

Most commonly asked question, Waterbased or plastisol ink?  The answer is simple…HYBRID!

  • Easy to use.  Stays wet on the screen for days meaning no clogging and blocking the mesh after minutes like most waterbased inks
  • Available in 250 gms, 500 gms, 1 Kilo, 5 Kilo containers.
  • Brilliant results for both lower and higher mesh counts.  Even on the highest 100-120T meshes you will find this ink is one of the easiest to use even if you are a novice, you will achieve a soft sublimation feel to the finish.
  • Pantone match.  Sold in a range of standard mixo colours which are single pigment and when mixed can achieve any pantone shade.  Also available in an opaque white.
  • Water washable.
  • Performs and prints like a plastisol ink.
  • Cures at a lower temperature of 150degC.  Flash dry at 10 seconds or to fully cure at 20 seconds.  Metallics at 30 seconds.  Or heat press cure for 10 seconds.
  • Low Viscosity, low tack lightweight ink, less fatigue when printing.
  • Print Wet on wet.
  • Heat fix using just a domestic iron for 1 minute at cotton temperature.
  • Iron directly over the print without smudging.
  • Solvent and Pfhalate free.
  • Wash down using water and drainsafe organic screenwash.
  • No need for dip tanks or strong chemicals.  No odour!
  • Print onto textiles, uncoated paper, board and wood.
  • Recommended for use with All American Water Resistant Emulsion.

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